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SAP Research & Innovation Hub

The «Research & Innovation Hub St. Gallen» is part of SAP’s global Innovation Center Network. Here, we work on the cutting edge of innovation. We built up expertise in the area of business model innovation and recently started to investigate the field of future corporate management.

Since 2006, the «SAP Research & Innovation Hub» at the University of St.Gallen has seen over 30 researchers come through the programme and currently employs more than 10 PhD candidates. The hub delivered more than 300 scientific publications to date.

The hub aims to find answers to the following questions:

  • How does the future of management look like?
  • How can we bridge the gap between high-level strategy and the day-to-day business?
  • How can we systematically manage and foster a company’s ability to sustain and grow in turbulent environments?
  • And how can we built software to cover these challenges?